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Hey guys,

I can tell by the comments/chats that many people are arriving from WOW. Fair enough.

I have had my fair share of MMO`s and for everybody who just come from Wow (though the LFG system was the same as SWTOR is now) I have a few tips, and everybody can feel free to fill it. I personally thing, that a LFG system like it is in WOW atm, and even cross realm- will def. ruin the experience of this game for me. However, a basic dungeon finder would be OK for me, since so many people are asking for it, though it is not of pref. to me. Why? because people will start flaming, demanding, talking bad etc. to each other, because all they want is a fast run, where they expect each other to do their part well, eventhough they have no clue of what the other players speciality/playstyle etc. is. A total automised LFG system will make the exerpience very static like it is in wow atm.

Now how to find groups?..

Go to the general chat and write "lfg/lfm-healer, tank, dps what ever".

Write a note in the LFG, your class and what you are looking for.

Now, only doing this will take ages, so start making some friends! as far as I have experience the average player is relatively older than wow (+20). This make many players open and welcome (I think).

Go to the who list, think about what class you would like to play with, and find them in a level near you.. send them a message "hey, wanna tank/heal/dps" whatever it is you wanto to do.. I make groups within 2-10 min everytime. Easy, pleasent and I have tanks+ healers that I love playing with as I am dps myself.. They know me, and we often group together (or with ppl. from my guild ofc)

This is really easy, not rocket science and shows, that you are a reflective social player, who know the different classes and what is needed. People will instantly like you for inviting them to a group ready to go to an instance.

Another thing to do is, to go to a planet of your level and write "lfm/lfg" in the general chat there; people are the same level and you and doing the same quests.. you will be very likely to find someone to play with, but in general, just use the "who-list" and find the tank, healer or dps you need.

A thing I would like to see, would be a LFG CHAT system, that would pop up in the general chat, no matter what planet you are on. There could be a bracket of, lets say, +/- 3 levels, which meant, that you would only see messages (no matter what planet you are on) in your relevant level range, instead of having massive spam from people looking for groups..

Anyway, feel free to comment here. im just really tired of people who feel annoyed by SWTOR not being wow, which means, that thye have to get used to this game, such as the crafting system.. doh: nobody uses the decrafting ability WHICH IS THEY WAY YOU GET NEW SCHEMATICS! :-)