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01.11.2012 , 03:19 AM | #1
So we were finally able to run EV/Rancor (Normal Mode) the other night and I had master looter on...

It was auto-deciding who got what, besides the crafting materials and schematics.

Just wondering if there is a method that allows the operation leader, or operation group in general to decide who gets what loot?

Over the course of the six bosses, about a third of the loot was wasted because it was given to the wrong people. We had a Sorc raid with us who stated previously he was going to be very casual, and it ended up looting him 4-piece tier 2 over our assassin tank and our sorc healer. He said that he'd only take gear if a full-time raider didn't need it or they passed.

It gave a side-grade cunning belt to our Operative healer over our fresh Sniper with a 49 blue, etc etc. This isn't a very effective way of gearing our players out if we want to do hard mode and 16-man down the road when we get more 50s.

So my question is, what should I as the "master looter/ops leader" be using for a looting option that gives me the ability to choose who gets what loot? We did try round robin as well, but it only allowed us to need/greed on crafting materials and schematics and still auto-looted the actual gear. So no real change from the master loot setting at all.

Any help would be much appreciated. We're all long time gaming friends so ninjaing isn't an issue (at least intentionally) so if there is a way to just let a player loot the boss, select and loot his gear, and back off; that'd be great.

I've seen videos of other guilds doing this in Hard-Mode and I'm just curious how so I don't have to waste time and even more loot trying to figure out the appropriate loot settings!

Thank you.
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