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01.11.2012 , 03:13 AM | #5
I've spent a good bit of time tanking this fight as a jugg. If you set camera distance to max, it is fairly easy to spot the flying pillars. just run to it, and through it. While running underneath it, look straight up, and run until you're outside of the circle. Soa will follow you into the correct spot.

That much is easy. What is not so easy is when it bugs and doesn't break the shield. This isn't common (actually quite rare, but always seems to happen on otherwise flawless attempts). The pillar can smash right through his head and nothing happens - maybe if he is too well centered it doesn't work? lol.

Also, RNG is really what this fight is about. On most of our attempts, we'll have 1 dps being cycloned about and another dps gets sucked into a mind trap about 1 second before the shield breaks. Being 2 dps down for each shield phase makes it exceedingly difficult.

Yet the worst part is that you can get sucked into a mindtrap while a tank. I've been off in a corner positioning him under a pillar, hes beating on me, then right before a pillar drops i'll get sucked into a mindtrap and he'll run off after someone else, moving him from under the pillar. When I get out of the mindtrap, he's right back on me as if nothing ever happened (after I get within range of him, at least). At first I wondered if people were grabbing threat from me resulting in me getting mindtrapped, but after more attempts it became clear that this was not the case.

On a random note, if you play your force charge / intercede's right, it is entirely possible to get to the bottom of each phase without taking more than ~10% damage from falling.