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01.11.2012 , 01:58 AM | #19
What we do is have the dps pull Massey back and kill him. Meanwhile tank is dpsing the healer, I can usually get him to like 70% my self, make sure to interrupt. This also keeps healing pretty light since grenades won't hit dps. We quickly burn down healer after this and then all that is left is the boss. We mostly do this so the chests doesn't bug. We have had that we died to one of the other adds and wipe still so we can't get in. This strat is pretty good. If you have 2 melee dps the healing can get a little iffy towards the end (grenade *****). If you enrage you still have a decent amount of time to kill last guy. His grenade will probably kill one person but with tank cds you can last.