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Problem is, is that people out questing are often not willing to return to fleet unless a group is ready to go. Nine times out of ten, a person who I find in Fleet will often run off questing while I can spend up to several hours on my server trying to find a tank or DPS willing to come all the way back to fleet.

Also a lot of people don't bother with FPS because you only get a decent amount of XP from the daily. Commendation gear is also the equivalent of Flashpoint gear so many times people have literally no incentive to come join you. Problem is is that questing is the most boring aspect of MMOs and levelling as a healer is slow, tedious and boring.

And the problem with friendlisting people is that there is no guarantee that they will still be playing tomorrow, or next week. I know for a fact that the only person on my F.List that is a higher level than me is my guild leader (though my guild is dead as it's only ever me and the leader that is on).

Flagging yourself and putting up a message is useless as well because your search comment is cut off after about 12 characters AND you can ONLY search areas and not for classes or a level range. Basically this system is bested by FFXI's LFG system which had no LFG tool yet had a far more powerful search system and a search comment character limit that let you add a ton of information and that game is ten years old.

There is already a LFG tool for PvP and people accept it so why not PvE?
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