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I believe the essence of what I was trying to understand is why the loot that drops from Directive 7 (which is supposedly not a level 50 FP, even though everything in there is level 50 elites, champs etc)
Just to expend on this part, here's the levels;

Black Talon 10-14
Hammer Station 14-18
Athiss 18-22
Mandalorian Raiders 22-26
Cademimu 26-30
Boarding Party 30-34
Foundry 34-38
Colicoid Wargames 38-42
Red Reaper 42-46
Directive 7 46-50
Battle of Ilum 50
False Emperor 50

Quests are 1 level below the recommended maximum (D7 is a level 49 quest) and the mobs are generally 1-2 levels below (D7 mobs are 48).