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01.10.2012 , 10:50 PM | #28
There certainly is space to do something new, but yeah they risk requiring alot of computer power to play anything that build another engine into.

The current works well i enjoy it, enough as most people do, there could be more missions more change more differences etc.

I do feel like i should mention the best time i have had playing a starwars flight sim, was the "Battle for endor" Freeware floating around on the internet.

Its mostly boxes, But it does what it does and does it well.

Something like that with updated models would be awesome but it would also take away from ground mmo a lot.
Right now i have little intention of leaving my ship to do anything else if i can do daily missions + sending my companions to the salt mines, it will encourage people just to play that for the entire session and never enter an instance.

Right now it isn't a great idea, Communitys are still being built on my server its still hard to get groups together to do anything 40+

We don't want to take more people away from that.

I do think however once a lfg system not the one in wow..
Has been setup that this should be the next kind of goal not taking away from content updates but something they can surprise us with a few patches down the road.