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01.10.2012 , 10:25 PM | #6
Despite the obvious trolls, I feel inclined to reitorate or perhaps correct my initial observations.

I believe the essence of what I was trying to understand is why the loot that drops from Directive 7 (which is supposedly not a level 50 FP, even though everything in there is level 50 elites, champs etc) is of a quality that does not help gear a character toward getting into things like hard modes or ops.

The difficulty of the FP is great, love the challenge at first, figuring out the fights - but how does this, and similar FP at this level do anything to help gear you up toward hard modes or ops when all that drops is level 48 greens or level 48 blues?

Where is the logical progression? Perhaps I misunderstand the design intention or something, but it seems flawed in some manner.

For the record, I have done hard modes (so I'm not bad, derp), and in many ways some of them are easier than a fresh 50 trying to do D7 and only getting green/blue level 48 gear. I don't know quite how to explain that...