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01.10.2012 , 08:45 PM | #1
Flashpoints at level 50, such as Directive 7, The Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor don't really seem to have loot tables that are optimized to be in line with the level of difficulty of the Flashpoint.

There are several bosses in Directive 7 for example that drop greens. It seems counter-intuitive to make the difficulty of the encounters so high just to make them drop greens. It seems you're pushing folks to ignore these Flashpoints.

My suggestion is to have the loot tables for the bosses in these flashpoints given a second look. I don't really think it's intended (or at least I'd like to think it isn't intended) to have the only reward for downing some of the most difficult 4 man encounters in the game be a green item.

TL;DR - Why are bosses in level 50 Flashpoints dropping greens? The difficulty of the encounter is out of line with the reward.

(For the record, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of defeating those encounters, but would have preferred to see better than a green drop on some of those bosses for the challenge they presented.)