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someone make a post about the boss battle or link to one please.

if i remember correctly.

the first boss was a massive droid that you tank and spank, it then summoned lots of little droids that went next to you then started a small count down till they blew up.

just hit the boss and AOE down the adds or push them away when the count down started.

the second boss has a healer (not sure) that is on the right.

focus the healer down then proceed to kill him and his other add.

the final boss was rather hard if you didnt know what he does. he threw mines on the floor that exploded when someone went near them,
you will need to keep their numbers down cause it will flood the area.

he will also summon 2 people at a time that arrive from the sides of the platform via jetpack. you will need to kill/taunt them or they will attack the healer.

that is just what i remember, its a start but dont stick to this.
gl hf gg