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01.10.2012 , 08:28 PM | #26
While I like this kind of combat, I don't think it belongs in this game. The current missions are good because they have a specific duration.

I know you answered this in your OP but I think you are mistaken. It will deflate the player count in the game. IE more players will be up in space and therefore the planets would be less populated. I have no problem regarding people spending their payed subscription time to do what they want. However, it does become a problem when what they want factors into what other players DON'T want.

Player counts on each planet are incredibly low even now. If space combat is made more like this then more players will gravitate to it and that will cause populations on the ground to even further dwindle. Planets that have 10-20 players on them on average would turn into 5-12 players. The point of an MMO is to be with other people. But by making too many areas for people to explore you cause the density of players to fall dramatically.

I'd be all for an improved space combat like this if it didn't have an impact on player numbers, but that is just too big a factor, imo, to make improving space combat like this worth while.