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I was working on the bonus series on Nar Shaddaa on my level 32 character at the time. The bonus quests that take you into the Shared area with Imperials. I think nothing of it, I'm not flagged.

Attack a group of mobs, and just as I'm about to do an AoE burst, a level 50 jump in tags one just before my AoE damage ticks flagging the mob to him, so when my damage hits, I'm flagged also.

I rolled on a PvE server to avoid stuff like this. I don't mind PvP, but I'm not interesting in Open World all the time. Most of my characters are on PvE servers, and that is what I expected, PvE unless I voluntarily decide to PvP. That did not occur here.

There is no PvP buff for it to balance it out some either.

Again I rolled on PvE server expecting not to have to deal with this. That is what the PvE and PvP server difference was for. But seems there are some ways to exploit that.
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