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always wondered this. If you played through the planet Taris the sith don't look down of Malak, they actually consider him an ally it seems when they said they will finish what Malak started.

So my question is this: What do you guys think would of happened if Malak's and Revan's sith culture/empire won the jedi civil war and the "true" sith empire came back with them still ruling?

Darth Revan victory was Republic's Victory....he had a plan Malak misunderstood.

Revan was trying to reconstruct the Republic for being able to beat the Lost Sith Empire and made a perfect plan: If he wins he can reconstruct what he wants, if he loses that means the Republic is strong enought to fight the empire.

His only mistake was being betrayed my Malak who was terribly corrupted by the Dark Side and only wanted destruction.