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Those who find it fun and rewarding, find it fun and rewarding.

Those who do not, do not.

I know this seems very zen and over-simplified but its the honest truth.

Why are we looking at the raiders and saying "Oh thats just dumb, I can't stand the competitiveness"? Then don't raid. Do your own thing.

Likewise, why do raiders look at the non-raiders (see how I avoided using the term casual?) and say they aren't real MMO players?

Is it really so difficult to simply play the game how you wish to play it, enjoy the MANY facets this game offers, and ignore those that do not interest you?

No, it's not. Except for the rewards, and therein lies the true sticky point. Non-raiders think it is unfair that raiders get items they cannot obtain. Then when dev's change this so that 'everyone' can have these rewards, the raiders find it unfair that people who did not go through the effort are still rewarded.

Both arguments are viable, however they also perpetuate one another.

It is therefor the developers duty to make all facets of the game equally rewarding, and believe me this is a challenge facing Bioware, Blizzard, NCSoft and every other MMO developer, one that becomes increasingly important as the market grows and attracts new types of players.

Note, however, that equally rewarding does not mean "the same reward". PvP'rs and PvE'rs have understood this for years, and have different gear rewards. This is necessary because of the different stats needed for these respective activities, however it's had the additional side-benefit of the rewards only being attractive to those who choose to focus on that particular facet of content.

Now we have people who do not wish to do either -- they are here for the story. And they want some kind of reward for finishing the story. They do not want to raid, they do not want to PvP. They want to use the abilities that look cool, but are not necessarily the most effective. They want to play the game in the manner that they find most appealing, and you know what -- thats fine. Good for them. And they shouldn't be left out in the cold in terms of rewards for their efforts, regardless of how you and I feel about the validity of calling it 'effort'.

It is the developers challenge to reward these players in a way that is suitable to their playstyle, that won't make the 'rest of us' feel like our effort is wasted, and won't leave them feeling like they're being punished for playing the way they want.
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