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All competition is a farce. Professionals who do it, do it to get paid. Sponsorships. There's no deeper meaning to a football going in a goal, an american football crossing a line or a huttball going across a virtual line. It's only what you make of it. Professional gamers (in WoW these are the world first crowds) do it for money. Corporate sponsorships, people who pay for loot etc. They may also be trying to get jobs as professional testers in the games business (though this isn't really a good way to do that). The lead guy on WoW got there by knowing a Blizzard dev in EQ who's guild was really good.

In TOR it remains an open question. Excluding bugs, my guild did our first 8 man normal last night, and we one shotted Bonethrasher, XRR3, Ancient Pylons (bugged once a clickable did nothing), 2 shotted Gharj, and wasted 40 minutes due to someone being bad on Vault of the Infernal one, but we got that after 5 serious attemts and 3 bugged (where an NPC stayed bound to someone it was bound to on a previous attempt). We didn't try the infernal one beyond RUN UP AND HIT HIM! it was too late. Now if that was nightmare modes, there would be no meaning to world firsts, because well, it was lol easy. (That's not a criticism, LOL easy has its place). Where competitive raiding matters is if it's actually a meaningful achievement, and not just that you happened to find a leftover developer "I WIN" button. If you managed some excellent feats of coordination, dps, healing tanking whatever, - if there is some actual strategy and skill set involved that other people can observe and appreciate, then it means as much as any other sport, it's just intellectual not physical, like chess.