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Beat revan last night on HM. Bit of a trick we did was say screw it and pop CD's and eat the force storm ability. Our tank a jugg was able to survive the lighting proc by about 8 seconds after force storm ended popping all his CD's. (It seems that it's roguhly 8-10 seconds after force storm that the lighting happens) He ate one tick we got an interupt off and burned like crazy. Worked for us hope it helps anyone else out.
Hmm, we couldn't interrupt his lightning. May have been timing. But I still think an insta-kill is a little far. I'll have to try that again though when we all relax enough to bare through it.

Problem with us is he didn't stop FL, he kept going. After he one-shot me, he immediately looked at the next and kill them - so on and so forth.