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01.10.2012 , 05:41 PM | #799
I can take a stab as to why, from a design and testing perspective, (ultra) high res textures might exist but not be put in:

Compatibility testing and narrowing down issues.

There's a sizable number of people reporting slowdown right now for one reason or another. Maybe it's only in Warzones, maybe it's only with shadows on, maybe it's only with certain cards or hardware configurations.. but to fix any one specific problem for these people, you've got to rule out all the other causes so you can find what is actually the problem.

If we had textures twice the size of what's currently in, live, I would bet you cash-money that there would be more people complaining of graphical bugs, slowdowns, crashes, or just an inability to play the game. It'd be terrible. Only some of those would be the cause of the increased texture resolution, but for anything else, an immediate response would be "have you tried lowering your graphical settings", even if the issue winds up having nothing to do with that.

From a debugging perspective, the fewer potential causes you have in the mix, the easier it is to figure out what's wrong. High and ultra-high resolutions are just more potential causes. You might think you're smart enough to know when the cause of your particular problem is textures your PC might not be able to handle, but remember that there are two million other people playing, and some of them are probably idiots or liars. Pulling everything back to bare bones graphics, fixing what issues remain, and putting in the improved graphical capability only once you've ironed out the existing kinks means you can iron out the new ones even faster.

There are already people complaining that they can't run the game in its current Medium texture mode without slowdown, despite having computers that should chew Crysis 2 up and spit it out. They're all over the forums. They can't wait for a driver update and are demanding BioWare fix that now; can you imagine if there were even more of them?

The focus of the game should be on stability and performance for the largest number of people first, not graphical quality. Thankfully, that seems to be the tack BioWare is taking. I'd rather deal with some muddy textures for a month or two and lose the weirdos who are so off-put by any period of graphics that do not mirror the stuff they see outside their windows, than I would with playing this in Ultra High and losing a great many more to performance issues or other game-breaking bugs.