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Im one off the guys, that was playing with him, And i can confirm all off it..

It seems like all we can do atm is, either pvp and farm the gear from there, or just do esseless once a day, then continue to teral V with our workaround way, attempt a boss, and que for 2 hours as a punishment for whiping...

While on the started planet Ord mantal there are only 24 players atm, so i dont understand the que anyways..

Anyways, GG Bioware, hope its fixed soon because its unplayable.

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You cannot accept an FP in two different modes, if you are geared up for hard mode, why bother with taral in normal ?
After finishing the FPs, just leave via the "Leave instance" button, there is a problem with leaving the instance any other way. But hey, you get two options to do so and one works, no biggie.

Actually the way to get equip would be dailies on Belsavis and Ilum after you finish class quest, maybe some pvp and the daily hard mode if you can already finish hard esseles.

You had one bug, the exit one, and that somehow makes the game crap....

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