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Supertouch, I have been reading your posts for quite some time now and it your absolute Ignorance to this subject is now at the point that it is offensive.

Firstly, it is absolutely and completely unacceptable that animations and/or are not in perfect sync with the ability effect as well as UI. When the effect hits or ability triggers is simply not the only point of contention nor contribution to the feeling of disconnect.

Secondly, this Is a real, now definable, concerning issue with SW:TOR as well as the MMO Genre as a whole. Your continued mockery of this subject is both confusing newer people who are not quite able to pinpoint the source of the disconnect as well as shroud the danger that this really is for SW:TORs success as an MMO.

Lastly, if you are unable to notice any delay and you have NO issue at all playing the game and love it. Please stop posting here OR accept the fact that it is not an easy topic and certainly not easy to define. Quite a lot of people who are not as "competitive" will likely not notice the issue or accept it without seeing the flaw In it.
i've said several times that some animations are not in sync with casting bars but that the abilities' effects are, in fact, in sync with the animations. these animations have no bearing on other abilities. go play wow.