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Bulwark appears to be bugged on Directive 7 after a wipe. Bulwark Smash no longer waits until halfway through the channel to do damage. Instead, it hits for approximately 10000 damage at the start of the cast, and 10000 again halfway through, making it impossible to survive at the appropriate level (As a level 49 tank I have about 15,000 health).

Has anyone else come across this problem? We're noticing a slew of bugs related to him as well, such as him never dropping combat and launching missiles across the zone, Bulwark Smash causing damage even if it's interrupted, and repair droids spawning six at a time.
Thats because you are supposed to interrupt it lmao.... If you interrupt it than your tank/whoever doesn't take that 2nd tick. Classes have interrupts for reasons.

To be safe if you meant Bulwark Blast then thats simple. Don't be in the middle of the hallway. Simple.

edit: didn't notice you said even after it was interrupted.. Is it possible the interrupt is missing? Thats all I can think of as I have never experienced a bug with the encounter.