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I've noticed something strange with my Sith Sorc. Offensive abilities are almost flawlessly responsive.

This first video shows a little target swapping with no negative impact on responsiveness, including damaging two targets simultaneously before the animation on the ability damaging the second target begins playing:

This video shows two targets being damaged at once twice, and one target once at the end. In the first case, force lightning begins damaging the second target before the animation from lightning strike finishes. After knocking both down a little bit, you can see lightning strike and shock hit them at once, killing them both at the same instant. Shock fires before the animation from lightning strike finishes. At the end, you'll notice the last target being killed by lightning strike and shock hitting at the same time, despite the animation from lightning strike not having finished with shock does damage:

By contrast, here's how my heals behave:

You'll notice that they are very consistently NOT triggering until the animation completes, in stark contrast with offensive abilities. Given the type of sharp response needed to heal well, this is a major problem.

This video demonstrates how severe the delay on Dark Infusion is. I'm chain casting them on Khem, and as you can see, they don't land until about a second after the cast completes, and even more odd, they don't seem to land until at least half a second after you see the heal animation actually hit him (the little purple cloud):

Clearly, something is way off with the heals here.
can you post a video of you casting the heal on an injured target?