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So, the biggest thing setting SWTOR apart from other MMOs is the story element. Right?

I've played through Esseles a few times, and the Imperial counterpart (is it Black Talon) a couple of times. And they are SO much fun!

I absolutely love being in a group and making a conversation choice and then waiting to see which one of the group gets to answer and what their answer will be. Especially when it's a big light/dark side choice!

So, why is it that none of the other Flashpoints have this?

I'm up to level 37 on my main and I can't claim to have done all the Flashpoints in the game. But everything after Esseles so far has been pretty generic with hardly any conversation at all and just one fight after another. I barely even know what the storyline or the goal is half the time.

I really wish they would add more story elements into the other flashpoints. Or more flashpoints like Esseles with lots of dialog and choices.

Am I alone in this?
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