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01.10.2012 , 03:31 PM | #669
I'm not seeing the HORRID UNPLAYABLE graphics that some might be. Sure, there's a difference form title screen to game, but it's not so bad that I will simply cease to exist because of it.
^It can really be a pretty game.

And no, I don't live in Russia, I live in America where people believe everything should be perfect and spoonfed to them or they'll take their welfare money/food stamps somewhere else. The graphics displayed by dev screenshots are GOING to be fantastic but I just don't see justification in crying so much because they had an issue implementing the features. Yes, they were in beta, yes there is still a problem post launch, but as I said before countless times... it is not as important. It just isn't. Some people can't progress through companion stories, some people can't progress THEIR OWN stories properly, certain classes are clearly OP, some quests are broken, end game raid content needs work, some people can't even PVP due to some unknown FPS problem and you want your precious textures. And then some will say "well why did they launch if the game wasn't ready, etc" BECAUSE THE FANBASE WOULD HAVE **** A GIANT BRICK if the date was pushed back. There is no pleasing the fanbase. Anything done will negatively effect someone and there has to be priority fixes.

Honestly, I'd rather they fix imbalances, quest bugs, and companion issues over my textures/AA because it is not a make-or-break sort of thing for me. For some others, it may very well be and in that case you should leave, like I've said before, and save your month or two of precious moneys until they integrate such a pivotal and necessary function.