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01.10.2012 , 03:27 PM | #6
These are the only ones I'm positive of, for Flashpoints these are only off the final bosses:

Hard Mode FPs:
Directive 7: Legs
The Foundry: Boots
False Emperor: Chest
Black Talon: Wrists
Battle for Ilum: Off-hand

Not sure on Boarding Party since my group has never gotten a working loot chest. I'm guessing it is Gloves though.

Normal Mode Ops:
Bonethrasher: Helm
Soa: Main-hand

I don't remember precisely what pieces the other bosses of Eternity Vault drop, but there is some overlap with the hard mode FPs. Since you asked specifically about the MH, I am pretty sure Soa is the only one who drops the MH weapon.