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01.10.2012 , 03:26 PM | #664
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I quoted the only part of your post that mattered, removed the word "new" and replaced it with the underlined portion. If you're content buying a sportscar and then finding out it can't go above 55mph, that's cool. Many of us aren't okay with that, at all.
This is exactly what matters! The product was heavily advertised and showcased with HIGH RESOLUTION textures!!

The game is live, we paid for it! and we are not getting what was advertised and showcased!

It's called false advertising!

I don't like dragging it that far, but it's the truth! All we want is an EXPLANATION as to why it was suddenly removed during beta and WHEN we can expect it to be back in the game?
And the "underhand" stealth changing of the textures settings in patch 1.1 currently on PTS is actually making me quite angry! Like they just try to cover it up, shove under the rug and pretend the problem doesn't exist!! /facepalm

And that really doesn't give me any hope to be honest that Stephen will come with an answer today. And if he does, it will not be the message we want to hear! /shrug