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01.10.2012 , 02:30 PM | #10
I really dont know how ppl soloed this mission without a healer, its incredible the lvl of difficulty, i had a 50 lvl healer and a 50 lvl sage with me and we were on ts like wow ! the emperor himself wasnt so difficult but getting there was outright devastating

I found it totally out of context and inexplicable that you as a sentinel have to have a healer companion for 10 lvls, you get your combat rotation in place with him, you learn to fight mobs and captains with him and on the final mision you cant do it with him and on top of that you get to spend 50 k on repairs and at the end you get 10 k in credits back and a medal that you cant wear, c'on !

Cheers and im glad i did it as it is, hopefully the rest wont have that problem