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Hi Alexious,

Style is something that is very subjective and what some people love, others find unacceptable. The solution to that lies in allowing players to control their own style, a function that the core game currently provides via customizable (orange) gear.

Please see Emmanuel's post on extending orange gear viability into endgame to get an idea of our intentions. Obviously, new appearances will also be added to the game over time as well.

This is false. So far the only "choice of appearance" is the same appearance in varying colors and a couple added pieces of metal. JKs have exactly two looks, besides PvP gear; hooded robe or hooded cape. You then add some bits of extra metal around the shoulders to simulate "choice." And this is all of it. Don't include Social gear, because it's all Light Armor, meaning it is useless for anything other than JCs or Companions.