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01.10.2012 , 01:20 PM | #1
Over the course of a week or so I ran the Black Talon Hard Mode FP, as I am sure a significant portion of the Empire's max-lvl players, on a daily basis without giving this issue much thought. I assumed, because the gains were displayed during the conversations, that my character would receive the points, if not immediately, then after the conclusion of the flashpoint's story part.

It struck me as odd however, that I still wasn't Dark V after a whole week since I wasn't that far off when I reached level 50. Certainly not a 1000 points away. So during today's run I watched the two figures closely and, as suspected, they have not changed at all after we cleared the flaspoint and activated the terminal which lets you decide where to go next.

My question is this: is this an issue that others have noticed as well? And if so, is it limited to BT or does it pertain to other flashpoints as well?