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Coz he's a 'yes man' to GL, instead of standing up to GL and saying the scripts for the prequels were crap, he just produced them. As a producer, he's responsible for the overall movie. I know the director is the main story teller, but the producer has to make sure the film comes together and is 'good' enough to release.

He's the producer of the Prequels. In all the interviews about them, he keeps going on about how 'visually deep' the shots are and how all the movies are so 'awesome'.

He thinks they have 50 awesome scripts. He thought the scripts for the prequels were awesome. If he's producing them, I don't hold out much hope.

All my personal opinion, obviously.
dont u think he is the producer of the prequels because he was a yes man to lucas? I know i would run with whatever ole george wants in HIS movies. Being a no man to george lucas would have put the guy into the unemployment line.