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01.10.2012 , 12:32 PM | #244
I completed this quest at level 48. After an hour or so of messing with trash and an eventual mad suicide run into the temple only to find more trash. I found this to be really tedious with T7, who wasn't super geared but he wasn't horrible either as I used him up until I got doc, but he's a squishy little tin can. I eventually just got frustrated and got my bf to come heal me.

Overall I have really enjoyed my JK and I loved the class storyline, I miss it actually. I wanted to take my time to level for several reasons but I found myself blasting through areas just so I could keep the story going. Sadly now I am 50 and stuck in the daily quest hell grind waiting for more guildies to hit 50 for raids and such. Plus the multitude of alts I've been working on as well.