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I very much enjoying playing this game: being both a huge star wars fan and an avid MMO gamer, thank you. But, I prefer playing solo and as I now have high level characters, I can reflect back and express my personal opinion- that there are way too many Flashpoints and Heroic Missions that require a group, which interrups my personal style of gameplay.

another way to word this is - how about making solo versions of the flashpoints/operations? that way you can experience the content as a solo player? or even 2 man versions?

not everyone enjoys being part of a huge guild (for various and sundry reasons).

and it doesn't adversely affect ANYONE else's playstyle or playtime. so there is ZERO reason for anyone to QQ that zomqwtfbbq there are solo/duo mandalorian raiders~!!!

of course, some idiots will QQ because, well, they're idiots. we can simply put them behind the woodshed and shoot them. dead.