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01.10.2012 , 11:14 AM | #1
Question for you wonderful folks,

What is the point in tier1 loot? Tionese specifically, only a handful of items drop from bosses more often than not you just get tionese crystals which themselfs are pointless.

Surely it would make sense for all boses to drop some tier1 loot and also commendations so and leave the tier 2 on end bosses like it is currently.

As it stands by the time you have saved up enough tionese commendations/crystals to actually buy 1 item chances are you would have the tier 2 version already unless its an item that only drops in EV.

I've been farming Hardmodes now for weeks, I dinged 50 5 days after early access started, I have still not been able to replace to my chest/leg items either because of no drops or bad luck on rolls when they have dropped, but im not even close to halfway towards buying a columni/tionese item through commendations.

There's also the PVP aspect of things, whats the point in centurion gear? I think the best move BW can make right now is restrict Champion to rank 30+ and add an extra bag onto the daily/weekly quests for Centurion gear.

This would atleast give a linear gear progression for PVP as currently someone can ding 50, get lucky with champion bags and be in 1-5 pieces of tier 2 PVP gear in seconds. Its daft and gives no feeling of occomplishment to gaining the item.