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You misunderstand, I am not complaining, as I am expressing a fact in combination with my personal opinion of this game.
So your not complaining theres not enough solo content to get you to 50, or you not even complaining that theres not enough solo content at all. Your just looking at the group content and saying... 'there should be less of that even though it doesnt affect me'? Thats just... yea.

How many would be 'enough' flashpoints? Two flashpoints? One heroic mission a planet? Theres content for soloists. And theres content for gorup players. And, more importantly, theres content for people who do both solo AND group content. Your complaint is irrational really. You dont even really seem to indiciate that this amount of content somehow impinges on your playstyle. Your simply offended by it because its... there.
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