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Attempted this fight twice, killed it twice. 200k in repairs the first try, 1 shot the next. Had to use tricky kiting methods to get the fight down. Chest worked the second time when we killed Jorland last and pretty close to the chest.

Videos showing people doing it the "legit" way (healing through Jorland's missiles of pwn and Massey's random charges) seem to have a Sorc healer, no melee DPS, and extremely high damage output on the bosses. If you do not have a group like this, chances are you'll have to use some clever kiting or separation methods to take Jorland's missiles out of the game.

Granted, I haven't attempted the fight in two weeks, so maybe it's nerfed or I was just with mediocre/undergeared players when we attempted it the "legit" way.
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