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01.10.2012 , 09:58 AM | #240
ARE YOU KIDDING ME BIOWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently got to level 50 and began the end mission to find out i HAVE TO USE THE WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH THAT IS T7. I haven't even touched his gear since level 15. GREAT FREAKING JOB BIOWARE. Who's stupid idea was this????? So i guess this means that i just have to forget about ever finishing my jedi knights class story because there is no way i'll be completing it with my squishy sentinel. There probably isn't a lot of people at level 50 yet, but once there is, these forums will be exploding with angry people. Great job at making the most iconic star wars character worthless in this game. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: And to top it all off, i realized i can't even go to ilum now!!!!!!! First i get the Kira bug and can no longer romance, then the Doc bug, then i spend days searching belsavis for those stupd rakata cubes to get my matrix cube, AND NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I would really ask for is to just be able to use whatever companion i want. Let me use the companion i've spent all my money and time gearing up. And to not be forced to use one that is worthless.