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01.10.2012 , 09:27 AM | #15
We do it similar to what somoe of the people are saying here.

I am the tank.

I jump in aoe taunt do a bit of damage with my healer on guard so he doesnt pull agro as I position the mobs.

I pull commander and massey out and tell the dps to kill the medic.

DPS fight Medic and healer stands inbetween us, 30meter away from Commander so he doesnt get grenaded.

I tank Massey and Commander just at the door we came in to, when Massey runs away I back up and taunt him before he gets to anyone else.... When Medic dies I stop taunting at let DPS kill Masey.

At this point or sometime soon commander goes Enrage, I tell the DPS to go have a Sandwich and I solo him with the healer being at max range to be in my range only and not commander...

Probably not the most effecient but its easy..