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Quote: Originally Posted by GirlStarWarsFan View Post
I would not consider this "trolling the forums" as you say, as this really is not an "off topic or inflammatory" message, but rather, is a constructive criticism with my personal opinion.
not really constructive. don't get me wrong, you have your playstyle - which is fine, everybody has it's own - but MMOs (usually) cater to a lot of different playstyles.

it's like a raider arguing there's too much solo content. only when there is not enough content for your own playstyle it might be a reason to criticize it, but there is more than enough solo content in the game. you just have to accept that you will never be able to do ALL the content anyway - unless you practically live in the game.
from this POV, does it really matter how much content there is for other playstyles?