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This is the most "natural" way we found to deal with this encounter. The key is realizing that the commander hardly does any single-target damage, Chief Massey is more annoying than dangerous, and the medic hits like a truck when he attacks.

We had a ranged dps (mercenary, in our case) pull the commander up the stairs and into the hall. He then stood on the railing dpsing the commander, all out. He did pop defensive cooldowns to make it easier on heals. The tank, healer, and other dps went down the stairs and killed the medic, with the tank holding the medic's attention. At this point damage is light, and our healer was also dpsing/interrupting between heals. After the medic died, we switched to Chief Massey. Massey and the Commander died about the same time--by the time we killed the shield guy and medic, our ranged dps had solo'd the commander down.

This works because the commander hits like a kitten, and putting the tank on him is a waste. He's only dangerous with others in LOS/range. Melee dps would work, too, but they'd have to come to the railing for heals. Also, if we wanted, we could have killed Massey first. The advantage of this strategy is that the party *never* has to face the commander's grenade launcher unless your dps sucks.
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