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01.10.2012 , 09:11 AM | #3
I think you are cut off from xp at +7 levels to the content/flashpoint/heroic so you'll want to solo it prior to that point to get the most benefit. Even being +5 or +6 to the mobs/content will still net you a decent xp gain from the mission completion.

I've found +4/+5 to be around my best point for soloing any of the heroics 2+ so far on my Consular Shadow, even with my companion fully geared with blues and purples for his level(Qyzen) we still get our butts handed to us by any mob with more than 2 "strong" level enemies and the champion fights are a toss up.

However I've found that Black Talon and Esseles are insanely easy compared to any other heroics/flashpoints in the game so you shouldn't have any problems with either of those.