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01.10.2012 , 08:59 AM | #2
I soloed the first flashpoint which was for lvl 10 at lvl 15 and found it quite easy to do. I could have maybe soloed it at lvl 13-14 even. I used a smuggler scoundrel who is going up the lethal damage skill tree on the right.

Not sure about any of the other flashpoints because I haven't tried any of them because I don't want to get too much XP and end up out leveling my normal missions. If we had the option to turn off XP then I would try more Heroic and Flashpoints missions but unless this happens then I won't nother because there's nothing worst than killing lvl 20 mobs at lvl 26-28 because you leveled too much for the planet you were on.

Don't bother with the heroic, flashpoint or space missions and you will level at the correct pace in my opinion which is a shame.