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01.10.2012 , 08:35 AM | #36
I don't know about Ops/Smugglers, but as an Assassin, putting a dot on me most likely won't stop me from Force Cloak(Vanish) successfully. Any good Assassin is going to use Force Shroud(Cloak of Shadows) before Force Cloak. This drops all negative effects and makes you immune to them for 3s. Force Shroud -> Force Cloak -> Force Speed. I'm out of combat, stealthed and 50m away.

Now, Force Shroud is 45s-1m CD depending on talents. Force Cloak is 2-3m CD depending on talents. Force Speed is 20-30s depending on talents. The talents for these are spread in different trees, so you can have the Force Shroud and Speed talents, but not the Cloak at the same time I believe.

Given the cooldowns, I can basically only use this once per open world fight or about the same amount of times I can use my CC breaker skill. It's not overpowered, you just have to learn to anticipate it and deal with it. If the person combat stealths, that means you're out of combat too and can just as easily hit your recovery skill or run off.

One point of interest about the dots in Open World PvP is Force Shroud does not cover your companion. The number of times I've been knocked out of my escape method because my pet had a dot or decided to engage one last time is annoying.