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Quote: Originally Posted by caultonpos View Post
The stealthies have no grapple, no pull, nothing to close the distance.

Sure so they can escape and they are squishy, quit your crying and stick a dot on them.
You know that doesn't work right?

It is just that you are posting it up on the forum like it does and it kinda marks you out a bit.

I posted that I DoT all stealthers constantly, as a Sage it is easy we have an instant dot that refreshes very quickly, I dot everyone, cause I can't tell who can stealth and who can't quickly enough to bother checking.

People still stealth.

DoT doesn't stop it, they have abilities to remove DoTs as/before they stealth.

So please stop going around giving out misleading information as if you know what you are talking about, when clearly you don't have a clue.

Whether the OP is right or wrong is a subjective question, but giving out information that is incorrect isn't going to prove him wrong.