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What I do dislike about stealth classes in this game is that it is exaclty like in bloody WoW: if you screw up, you have a "oh ****" button alas in improved version: it even doesn't matter where you vanish because your stealth level and speed is increased nor can it be countered by dots.

Quite frankly: if you are such an idiot and attack either the wrong target or at the wrong time then you should pay the bill like everyone else does.

And with or without stims: killing someone in a "stunlock" is pretty idiotic game design. Imagine someone hits 50 and enters a WZ where full-geared stealthers are fighting. The guy gets ganked until kindgom comes without even the chance of retaliation

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he is just confusing all stealthers with op/scounds. Stealth itself is the most underpowered I have seen stealth in any MMO I have played in the past 10 years.
Weird, my scoundrel is never detected before I get to my victim. Oh I beg your pardon, I don't do...

1. dance in front of my target before I attack it

2. run through several teammembers LoS to get to my target

I attack from behind. Maybe, just maybe, this might be the difference why I am never spotted
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