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Did they not think people were going to make 50 by the time of their first expansion or something? We're holding on but it's getting harder and harder as more of the things we want to do end up with the comment 'we can try but it's bugged.'
Looks pretty obvious to me that the game is INITIALLY designed around the story content. They even said it during development, this was meant to be a "Massive Single Player RPG" (quoted from some interview, I forget which).

With that in mind, there's a lot of bugs in the single player and story stuff that probably should be fixed asap, the rest is an afterthought, that will get fixed in time for sure, and they will put more content... but if the ONLY thing you care about is endgame're not exactly their primary target audience for the launch of the game (though I personally do enjoy it a fair bit, you just have to only touch the content that works, and do it casually)

Tionese and Centurion isn't works to mix and match to get set bonuses, and is decent in off-pieces if nothing else drops for you or show up on the GTN