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Only problem as melee I had you cant fully stand under those panels and still dps and then you get 1 shotted by some ability I dont know.

But I did find the instance boringly long with way too much trash.
We're clearing it every day and I must say it's one of the shortest if not the shortest (with Taral V) - takes about 30 minutes to complete. You can skip like 70% of trash pulls, also you can use mounts throughout all instance + bosses are really easy if you do it correctly (i'm saying from a healer perspective, but we have a good tank and dps which makes it even easier). We did wipe on Bulwark a couple of times on normal mode the first time and then read the tactics somewhere on the interwebs and never ever had a problem since then, he's actually the easiest of the bosses in the instance (again, from a healer perspective).