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01.10.2012 , 06:47 AM | #9
So. You complain that a MMO forces you to play with other players? Seriously? If you enjoy solo play - then there are quite a number of SW RPG games for you that require only one player to play / finish. Oh and they have MUCH better grafics. So why not play them? Besides, TOR is very "small-group-friendly" game. It automatically gives you a small two man team. In addition, you can bring one friend and get yourself a full 4 man team! Or ...did you perhaps want to do FP alone too O_o?

P.S. From personal experience. I play this game with a friend. I play Sentinel, he Sage. We did each and every quest with just two of us (4 heroics too ) +1 companion. It was extremely relaxing gaming, very enjoyable too. A word of advise - find a friend. Involve him/her in the game. This will make your gaming so much more enjoyable.

TRdlr. This is an MMO. For solo play - pls go for your usual single player RPG games. Skyrim is absolutely epic game for example.