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Quote: Originally Posted by GirlStarWarsFan View Post
I would not consider this "trolling the forums" as you say, as this really is not an "off topic or inflammatory" message, but rather, is a constructive criticism with my personal opinion.
In actuality- you are the troll!
So you're actually complaining about "too much" group content in an MMO game? How's that not trolling? Or is it not enough solo content for you? As mentioned above you can actually level 2 or 3 characters doing only solo questing and not really repeating too much of the quests (like empire/republic + different class quest lines). All-in-all it's an MMOG, and you should have known that by the time you started playing or atleast before you post "constructive criticism" on the forums

Sorry if i'm being mean and seeing trolls everywhere, but that wasn't actually constructive - you didn't offer any solution like cutting half of group content so it wouldn't annoy you that much or atleast indicate it in some way so you dont pick the quests which you're not planning on doing.