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01.10.2012 , 06:19 AM | #9
Friends & I were just talking about a lot of these issues. It seems after years in development, years of beta testing and working with some of Blizzard's people they made a lot of storylines and they managed to keep the servers up through launch ... Now where is the content at 50? I have around five dailies to do that are slightly enjoyable that is if I don't get into a never ending string of Huttball loses trying to complete that daily of 3 wins.

Where is the part where ya have to think or the part that every class can play. Why are there these little bugs like gear stats being wrong, and some of the above mentioned issues.

Did they not think people were going to make 50 by the time of their first expansion or something? We're holding on but it's getting harder and harder as more of the things we want to do end up with the comment 'we can try but it's bugged.'