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Of course, the most important reason technology is so similar in the TOR era is so it can still feel like Star Wars to the fans.
This I agree with. However, technology is sort of an accelerating thing and I believe it will go far beyond, with us at least, than what just about anyone can imagine. Think of the theory of a technological singularity. Where we, as a species, use our technology as a ramp up to our next evolutionary phase. Obviously hasn't happened yet in the Star Wars universe, despite huge periods of time with high technology being fairly commonplace.

As an example of the possible progression of technology is the Kardashev Scale. It speculates on the scale of power production/consumption by a civilization.

We're maybe a few hundred years from a Type I, which is using widespread hydrogen fusion to power itself, possibly antimatter-matter annihilation and the possibility of faster than light travel on it's way to Type II. Also note, assimilation into a possible technological singularity would be well underway.

A Type II would be able to harness the power of its entire sun, possibly 2,000-10,000 years in the future and with work in progress to harness other nearby stars in the same way.

A Type III civilization would literally be able to harness the output of an entire galaxy in anywhere from 100,000 to a few million years in the future. It would regard even the entire population of the Star Wars galaxy in much the way we might regard our hands right before washing them. And scour it of life as easily as we might clean the dirt from our fingers - without an iota of effort and even less thought.

That's how much technology can change. But, that stuff only works for actual science fiction and it's more or less agreed that Star Wars isn't -really- science fiction.

Doesn't change the fact that people are going to continue complaining despite every possible argument to the contrary.