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On the left and the right side of where the Boss stands are 2 trapezoids they look at bit like solar panels stand beneath those and they will deflect the DMG. He has 2 abilities that he actually casts (you see the castbar).
One is Bulwark burst which cannot be interrupt and deals massive DMG unless you stand beneath those shield panels. The other ability is called bullwark smash and can be interrupted otherwise deals a whole lot of dmg. He usually does stun the tank right before he starts to cast this one so its better to have someone else interrupt it since the tank might not be able to depending on where he stands when he gets the stun.

He also does pop a defensive shield that encases him in a green bubble and reflects dmg aslong as it is up. You can simply destory this shield by shooting the 2 shieldgenerator control consoles that will spawn right under the shield panels when he puts up this shield. Once they are destroyed he will not use his energy shield again unless you let those repair robots he spawns from time to time go about their business. Take those out asap after they spawn and its np.